Basement Windows

Glass Block windows were introduced to the building industry in 1939. Superior privacy and security continue to be the leading reasons why Glass Block basement windows are preferred over the old hopper-style windows. With an evolution of product improvements, glass block continues to be the top-choice for basement windows in new construction and remodeling projects.

Today, you can select a durable, lightweight glass block perfect for most applications. Thinline glass block products from Pittsburgh Corning, the #1 preferred glass block brand in the country, are available in a selection of styles. Our basement windows are made of real glass, in Wavy Mist® style with or without vents. Basement windows are also available in Decora®, Icescapes® or Delphi® patterns.

All of the Glass Block patterns deliver optimum light transmission and added security to protect your property. Clear Choice® prefabricated, mortar-less glass block systems offer premium features un-matched by any other manufacturers.